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"I introduced Ben & Betty to our children in Nursery 7 weeks ago. We all love it. It has already made a huge impact on standards. Our parents and all members of the school team are on board." A.E. Nursery in Wales

The all-in-one interactive learning programme is being used in nurseries, playgroups, and home settings across the UK and internationally with fantastic results both in children's learning and progress, and in the way it helps with lesson planning and nursery-parent relationships.

Benefits include:


Endorsed by the Good Toy GuideWe are delighted that following independent testing by nurseries, child carers, and families, the Easy Early Learning cards have been endorsed by the Good Toy Guide.

Their endorsement confirms the cards are..."Perfect for nurseries, educators, and child minders, working with busy parents to support and extend children's learning in a fun, accessible way. It's great seeing children engaging in a wide range of activities that boost their confidence and key transferrable skills. Many of the activities need very little preparation and we enjoyed seeing how this enabled the adults to be more spontaneous and react to the moods of the children".



eyfs activity cardsEYFS Activity Cards to inspire Nurseries, Playgroups, Childminders, Parents, and Home schoolers, age 2½-5 years (actual card size: 15cm x 10.5cm)

26 Aa-Zz fun, phonic, activity and ideas cards covering all areas of the Early Years Foundation stage framework. Bite size, at-a-glance fun activities to support and extend children's learning in a fun and easy way.

52 activity cards packed with simple, practical activity ideas requiring little or no planning or extra money. Enjoy the everyday and nurture children's can-do character and skills such as problem solving, social skills, self-regulation, critical thinking, resourcefulness, and the ability to play and work well with others.

Sold as one set (total 78 cards) for age 2½-5 years. Can be used as a stand-alone resource or to complement the activity books.


Easy Early Learning Character and Skills CardsEasy Early Learning Phonics CardsFeedback from the early years educators at the UK Nursery Show showed an overwhelming interest in these for use both in Nurseries and also as a resource to support children's learning at home.

"I've never seen anything quite like these cards, what a brilliant idea."

"I love how the characteristics and skills are shown on the back of the card. It's so easy to see quickly what areas we're covering."

"We're keen to find better ways to work with parents, help them to help their children's learning at home but we know how busy they are. These cards are absolutely perfect."

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The Programme

The Level 1 packs suitable for 3-5 year olds consist of four educational activity books, plus an easy-to-use interactive CD-ROM covering key skills in phonics, numeracy, reasoning and writing, hand-control, andbasic computer skills. There are additional A to Z resource packs full of activities and ideas. Children progress through the levels, building on and reinforcing what has been learnt earlier. Levels introduce numbers, shape, money, and new reasoning skills.



The Level 2 packs are suitable for 3½ to 5½ year olds. The understanding of numbers(0-4) is consolidated, while numbers 5-8, money and reasoning (Make the Same) are introduced. Phonics, letter recognition and formation, and reasoning (Odd One Out and Matching) are reinforced, while hand-controls are further developed.

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Letter A
Download your free Level 2
samples now (first 8 pages Letter A)

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Proven dramatic results

The fun and engaging format gives amazing results both children and parents love. Nursery/Reception staff, playgroups, and child carers already working with the programme confirm dramatic increases for children in:

Over just a 6 month period, the Phonics readiness programme proved to have a significant impact on nursery age children* as follows (examples given are from a sample of 6 children per class):

*full sample size of 10 nursery classes.

easy early learning resources packsDownload your free Level 1 samples now first 12 pages A, B, and C)
Download your free Level 1 activity resource pack
Letter A
Download your free Level 2
samples now (first 8 pages Letter A)

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Here are just some of the things people have to say about our programme:

"Prior to beginning the programme, just 6 children would enter Reception phonic ready. Since starting Ben & Betty up to and more than 80% are going into Reception phonic ready. Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant!"

"It allows for creative teaching and enables me to give children a wide and varied selection of activities."

"The approach has made our Nursery provision what it should be, rather than having to fit in with the way older children learn. It is snappy, effective, and most importantly… FUN!"

"The children thrive on the pace of the programme and the hands-on element provides lots of opportunities to engage with parents."

"The children love learning the new letters and adore the characters Ben & Betty."